French napoleonic uniforms

French napoleonic uniforms

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Gifts, Collectibles. War of Prints. Additional Products. French Army Uniforms. These are some of the items we have recently made. However it is only the tip of the iceberg of all the items we have re-created for the French Army of the 18th and 19th centuries. French Gorget Hausse-cols French Infantry Habit Contacting us.

Any unauthorized use of material contained here is strictly forbidden. All rights reserved. Access Heritage Inc formerly The Discriminating General is in no way to be held accountable for the use of any content on this website.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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This new edition, as before, is sold as a two volume set. In addition, the new edition is presented in a cloth bound slipcase. Pagination and an index have been added, significantly enhancing its reference value. It portrays the French armies as seen by their contemporaries, and combines authoritative text with lavish illustrations, enabling the reader to experience the spectacle first hand. In addition the volumes contain material on lesser-known formations such as the Army of Egypt -the pre-Revolutionary French Army, and Napoleon's police and internal security organizations.

Together with the late Colonel John R. Elting's definitive captions, they preserve a significant aspect of this famous era for historians, researchers, teachers, students, model makers, "uniformologists", and the general reader interested in this historical period.

Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Napoleon's Waterloo Army: Uniforms and Equipment. Paul L Dawson. David G. John R. Napoleon's Imperial Guard Uniforms and Equipment. Volume 2: The Cavalry.

Volume 1: The Infantry. Besides historians, toy soldier buffs will love this title. A stunner. From its gold embossed red cloth covers with stitched binding to its beribboned red slip case it is destined to be a collector's item very quickly! Congratulations to Greenhill and Casemate for bringing this important work back to life.Embree, Mike Austrian Regular Infantry.

A re-publication of a classic work originally published by the Napoleonic Association. Smola, Karl. A translation of the Austrian study of horse artillery of the European armies. An overview of the organization and uniforms of the Baden contingent of the French Army at the Battle of Talavera. Dempsey, Guy C. The Berg Regiment of Light Horse A reproduction of the year book describing the pre-Revolution French military establishment. Armes d'Honneur Awarded to the French Cavalry: - Napoleon's artillery was the most feared in the world.

This group of articles looks at the French gunners and the men who led them! While there are literally thousands of books on the Emperor and his marshals, generals, and the people who surrounded him very little as been written on the men who commanded his regiments.

Napoleon's Masterpiece: Austerlitz 1805

This is a 21 part series that looks at the history of each cavalry regiment, plus their regimental commanders and officer casualties. A 32 part series on the history of the French line infantry and the men who led them!! A eight part series on the French light infantry regiments. The Imperial Guard. Regiments d'Infanterie Etrangers and the Colonels who led them during the period Regiments d'Infanterie Etrangers and the Colonels who led them during the period Bataillons Etranger.

Burnham, Robert French Artillery during the battle of Auerstadt. Burnham, Robert The Tirailleurs Corses.Welcome to my website which is dedicated to the uniforms of the French Line and Light Infantry of the 1 st Empire and late 1st Republic. I became interested in French Infantry uniforms over 40 years ago when introduced to Napoleonic war-games.

Information obtained about the uniform details of regiments was collected and collated in a notebook which allowed a one stop access for me to the data. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or information. I am happy to swap information I have for information that I do not currently have. My email address is: steve. The Illustrations. Initially the illustrations were individual uniforms but since starting it appeared that it would be better to group them by regiment.

Information for each regiment, may be in one or more sets of illustrations with uniforms generally grouped by dates where there are a large number of illustrations available. Each illustration includes: the source it came from, the year and location illustrated if known and the title, e. Voltigeur Corporal.

In many cases there are small picture inserts of uniform and equipment detail where it is not possible to show this information from a front on view, e. Many of the illustrations include text where there are unusual components of uniform or further explanation seems useful.

There will be a separate illustration that covers equipment and standard items of wear once I have completed the individual regiment illustrations which will be an ongoing task. The naming convention for each illustration is the regiment number, a date range and the number of figures illustrated in the picture, e.

french napoleonic uniforms

The colours used in historical uniforms cannot in most cases be stated as being an exact shade. A uniform that was newly produced would have much stronger colours than one that had been worn in the field through a Spanish summer which would be somewhat faded. If you consider the difference between a brand new pair of jeans and a pair you have been wearing for 2 years, the difference will give you some idea of the difficulty of stating a specific shade of colour to use.

The colours I have used are those I have most frequently seen or direct copies of that which the illustrations are based on. If you are depicting troops at the start of a campaign I would use bolder, stronger colours than if depicting soldiers who have been on campaign for some time. The illustrations are done as PNG files and can be opened for viewing and editing in a variety of software packages, the illustrations have a free downloadable thumbnail with little details which give an idea of the file contents, the downloadable purchase file can be zoomed in on to a high degree of detail.

This site is only set up to accept Paypal payments but I am open to other forms of payment but you will need to email me. Illustrations can be selected via the Uniform Store page, search by Name is the best option although this does not always produce the sequence you would expect.

Originally only the Light Leger Infantry Regiments were available and unfortunately not all of these are documented, I have just finished working on the Line Ligne Infantry Regiments and have posted these although I will continue adding information as I get it. Below is an example of one of the figures in a block of illustrations for sale.You are using a former version of Internet Explorer.

Visit the Microsoft support page. This site remains viewable but is still less optimale comparated to the use with a recent browser. Discover AntikCostume. We send parcels from now, but we reduce our production of clothings, and will probably have problems to replace some items. You can pass orders, stock will be automatically adjusted, but parcels will take more time to be delivered, depending of courrier and national french post. You can contact us by mail, or till end of disturbances on 02 99 46 72 91, from 10 to 12 and 14 to 19 except on sunday.

As soon as situation will be normal again we will be here to help you to satisfy your dreams again. Under it picture by Marc Chaslin. We can reproduce almost any model from this era when uniforms were outstandingly luxurious. We work for french and foreign museums but also for reenactors all over the world. Please feel free to contact us, our embroiderers and dressmakers are exceptionally talented and our litterature We try to translate all french comments in english, but sometimes time lacks, if you find parts of interesting comments, still in french, warn us, we'll translate them These crooks harass our customers indicating that they did all uniforms from our website, even some that our customers could see on process in our atelier, with absolutely no embroideries.

These persons are very efficient using internet, but quality of their work is not at the same level and you are not sure to get the fruit of your money.

french napoleonic uniforms

If they were living in France our lawyer would take care of them, but Pakistan is far away and his justice "a bit different" from here. Please don't give any help to these crooks by transmitting their address and publishing them on your wall.

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french napoleonic uniforms

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Fabrics for napoleonic uniforms: melton, velvet. Extra costs, extra items Catalog. Conditions of sale Legal notices.French cavalry under Napoleon. Carabiniers 2 regiments Cuirassiers regiments Dragoons regiments Lancers regiments Chasseurs regiments Hussars regiments Murat. Commander of cavalry. After victory at Montmirail in Napoleon himself left for Chateau Thierry, where Horn's 24 squadrons were ordered to keep the French in check until Sacken's corps should have passed the Marne River.

The French waited till it came to the proper distance, and routed it. These squadrons threw the second line 12 sq. Majority of the aristocratic officers left France during Revolution and the quality of French cavalry had fallen badly. It was Napoleon who made it as an effective force which would have parity with any enemy.

In battle the force of impact generated by cavalry, provided it was engaged at the proper moment, was out of all proportion to its numbers.

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A successful cavalry screen would deny the enemy valuable information regarding to the location and size of Napoleon's army. Napoleon once said, "Cavalry is useful before, during and after the battle. On October 29 General Milhaud with light cavalrymen captured 4, Prussians. General Lasalle with light cavalry appeared before the fortress of Stettin, demanding surrender, and seized the fortress and its 5,man garrison without firing a shot.

When Napoleon rose to power as First Consul he inherited eighty nine regiments. Troopers required special equipment such as saddles and bridles, and none of it came cheap. The purchase of suitable horses was more expensive, and worse, the animals displayed a shocking proclivity toward disabling disease and even death while on campaign, and inability to dodge bullets and cannonballs while in battle.

And horses ate more than lowly infantrymen! Furthermore, the infantry's forepower was much greater than cavalry's.

French Napoleonic Light and Line Infantry Uniforms

See below. In at Austerlitz were 11, cavalry and 58, infantry, ratio of 1 to 5. In at Wagram were 29, cavalry andinfantry, ratio of 1 to 4. In at Borodino were 28, cavalry and 88, infantry, ratio of 1 to 3. In at Leipzig were 41, cavalry andinfantry, ratio of 1 to 3. In at Waterloo were 15, cavalry and 52, infantry, ratio of 1 to 3. Napoleon's cavalry with captured colors, picture by E. Organization of cavalry. Regiments, squadrons and companies. The cavalry was formed in 2 ranks.

The Ordonnance provisoire sur l'exercise et les manoeuvres de la cavalerie provides standard intervals and speeds for horses, and describe the tactical formations.

The cavalry was organized into regiments, squadrons and companies. Napoleon had 2 regiments of carabiniers, cuirassiers, dragoons, lancers, chasseurs and hussars.

Uniforms of La Grande Armée

Two or three regiments formed brigade, two or three brigades formed division, and two or three divisions formed cavalry corps. Regiment was an administrative and tactical unit and was commanded by colonel.

Most often the regiment consisted of 4 field squadrons.Napoleonic and 18th Century Uniforms and Equipment. Because of the wide range and variety of Uniforms and Equipment that we make for this period it has been necessary to split the information between four web pages. The information is not exhaustive and if you do not see what you require pleas contact us. If we do not have any pictures in our archives we will endeavour to research the item in question. The other web pages, links to which are on the left are British Napoleonic, French Napoleonic, Horse Equipment and a Price list The information is not exhaustive and if you do not see what you require pleas contact us.

french napoleonic uniforms

If we do not have any pictures in our archives we will endeavour to research the item in question On the left is an 18th Hussar Officer complete with full horse equipment On the right is an Officer of the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval, similarly accoutred As well as Napoleonic we make 18th Century Uniforms and Equipment.

This Jacket is an example as is the Guards equipment below which was made for a museum in Belgium US Midshipmans Jacket Coldstream Guardsman in full kit, front and rear views. On the left is an 18th Hussar Officer complete with full horse equipment On the right is an Officer of the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval, similarly accoutred.

As well as Napoleonic we make 18th Century Uniforms and Equipment. This Jacket is an example as is the Guards equipment below which was made for a museum in Belgium.

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